I am a book manuscript copyeditor and promotional copywriter with decades of experience. I was hired for my first job in publishing, as an advertising copywriter in the Trade Book Department at Little, Brown Publishers in Boston, when JFK was President!

The fact that I have a real passion for words is really no surprise. My parents were prolific freelance writers for famous dramatic and mystery shows aired on radio (The Shadow)and television (Philip Morris TV Playhouse, a script co-authored by my Dad and then-unknown writer Rod Serling). Well, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree — I would rather write and edit than … well … almost anything.

An Australian author whose book manuscript I edited said in his Acknowledgments, “You turned lead into gold!” An author for whom I wrote back jacket copy remarked, “The riveting message leaped off the page at potential book buyers.” And the CEO of a San Francisco training company where I am the longterm go-to editor commented, “Your work is MAGIC!”

I truly care about making my clients’ book manuscripts and marketing material the best they can be — well-written, interesting, succinct, memorable.