About Linda Jay

Words and language have been my passion for as long as I can remember. This is not all that surprising -- my parents wrote plays, and famous radio and television shows when I was growing up. Truly, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!

Nowadays, I edit many, many book manuscripts, in a wide range of genres that are listed in this website under Services Offered. I truly love working with authors and helping make their books as publisher-ready (whether the authors are independently publishing, or going the traditional publisher route) as possible. Oftentimes, an author has spent ten or more years writing his or her book manuscript before handing it over to an editor. I understand very well how difficult it is to go through that long writing process and then have to wait, and wonder what comments an editor will have about your precious words.

I edit all types of material, of course, including websites, blogs, and articles. In addition, I am an experienced marketing/p.r. copywriter. I write back jacket copy for books, website text, blog post, magazine articles, and company success stories. Other skills: proofreading, interviewing and research.

The fact that I have a fascination with words is really not surprising. My parents were prolific freelance writers for famous dramatic and mystery shows that were aired on NBC-New York during the Golden Age of Radio, such as The Shadow, Mr. and Mrs. North, Grand Central Station. My Dad was also a playwright (early sci-fi themes), and a writer for NBC-WLW-Cincinnati for ten years. An unknown writer named Rod Serling came to the station briefly; he and Dad coauthored a mystery that aired on the Philip Morris TV Playhouse.

My goal and my passion are to help clients communicate their message with style.

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Example of my copywriting: My article, Rod Serling: On the Way to Fame -- https://www.rodserling.com/ljay.htm

"Every writer is a frustrated actor who recites his lines in the auditorium of his skull."
- Rod Serling, TV writer (Twilight Zone) and producer, narrator, screenwriter