Testimonials from authors of book manuscripts I have copyedited:

Dessislava Kaludova, author, The Porcelain Doll - Great appreciation to Linda Jay for her many editorial talents and her sharp eye for mistakes. She shaped the final text of the book. It was not an easy task to correct my imperfections. I might have been writing in English, but some of my sentences still sounded like they been written in Bulgarian, my native language, until she started her job.

Emma Rabinowitz, author, Speak Your Truth - Linda Jay did an excellent job editing my manuscript. She worked efficiently and carefully to turn a bunch of my journal entries into a well-written, cohesive book. Should I decide to write another book in the future, I would gladly have it edited by Linda.

Kate Vogt, author, 54 Inspirations: Our Inherited Wisdom from Nature & Poetry - Your professional care has given me the confidence to begin looking for a designer.

Nancy Econome, author of The Classic Grill – A Tale of Greek Gods and Immigrant Heroes - Linda did fantastic editorial work on the manuscript for my debut novel. I don't believe a single grammar or spelling error escaped her view. I certainly got my money's worth of editing brain power! I highly recommend Linda to anyone who wanted to make their literary work a much tighter, smoother read. I know my novel will be much better for it.

Natasha Juliana, WORK Petaluma Owner/Founder – Linda Jay is a fantastic editor and writer. I've been using her for years as my copy editor for our weekly enewsletter and blog. Her turn-around time is amazingly fast and she has caught even the smallest details. I love being able to trust that the copy we send out is clean before I hit publish. About a year ago, she also started writing a monthly "coWORKer of the Month" blog for my business. She interviews a selected member and writes up their story for us to share on our website. This content not only improves our SEO, but adds personal insight into the people at WORK.

M. Marquis, author of Roar! - I am grateful not just for Linda’s knowledge and skill in spelling, punctuation and grammar editing, but also for her mark-ups for train-of-thought questions. Linda helped me double-check for consistency, clarity, intention, and plausibility. It felt like we were working side-by-side, and a partnership developed. She is fast and reliably on time.

William McGinnis, author of Gold Bay - Linda Jay's long experience and great skill in editing, copy editing and ad writing were just what my mystery thriller Gold Bay needed. I had gone through the novel many times—and over a dozen beta readers had combed through it as well—making countless edits and corrections, so I thought it was error-free. Still, Linda’s keen, discerning, eagle eye spotted multiple overlooked errors and areas needing improvement on literally every page. Linda’s edits and corrections made the writing sparkle and pop!

Carolyn CJ Jones, author of Opening the Gates of the Heart, A Journey of Healing – Thank you, Linda, for expertly and gently guiding the prose when I was nervous about presenting it, and for keeping my voice intact. [This book won Honorable Mention in both the San Francisco and New York Book Festivals.]

James Schannep, author of the Click Your Poison Series – When it comes to writing, I’m a perfectionist. Yet no matter how many times I pore over my manuscripts, Linda Jay finds fresh corrections for me. Her edits are fast, reliable, and always insightful. And it’s because I’m a perfectionist that I’m also a return client.

Lee Foster, award-winning travel journalist, fellow BAIPA member, and author of 18 books — Linda Jay is an excellent editor. She has taken articles I’ve written for the BAIPA (Bay Area Independent Publishers Association) blog and greatly improved them, making sentences clearer and more succinct.

David Morgans, Australia, author of The Gateway of Nu – Thank you for being so easy to work with. Your polishing skills are amazing. You truly turn lead to gold. I look forward to having you onboard for the next project.

Rabbi Mel Silverman, author of Jerusalem Tales, A Modern American Jewish Pilgrimage – Linda, I am delighted with your sharp eye and clear-cut style.

Russ Adams, attorney, author of Genocide and Overpopulation – I can see that your sandpaper editing skills achieve a very fine finish.

Christina Harbridge, CEO, Allegory Training, San Francisco – You are MAGIC!

Pam Evans, high-tech marketing executive, author of Ring EXchange, Adventures of a Multiple Marrier – Linda’s collaborative efforts and creative contributions helped shape this project.

Peter McGrath, North Wales, author, Leah’s Father – Your mark-ups are very helpful and, in some instances, the motivating force for rewrites. I can tell you that if you hadn’t edited my manuscript, in all probability it wouldn’t have been accepted by a publisher.

Stacy Ebert, author of It’s You: The Poignant Story of Two Cousins Reunited After a Shocking Diagnosis – Thank you so much for working alongside me to keep the original vision I had for this book. You committed the time and heart I was hoping for in an editor.

Frances Chin, author, Lemon Drops – You are asking some great questions, and you are making me think!

Bill Amatneek, author of Acoustic Stories: Pickin’ for the Prez and Other Unamplified Tales — Your editing was accurate, insightful, and delivered exactly on time. Thank you, Linda.

Bill Dicksion, Honolulu author of A Button in the Fabric of Time – Linda Jay has edited two fantasy novels for me. Her work is prompt, efficient, and professional in every way. Linda is unique in that she will read your writing and, after understanding your story or your purpose, she will make recommendations for how you can improve your writing. And she does that without tearing your writing to shreds. I will use her to edit my novels every chance I get.

Mark Lorentzen, author of From Surviving to Thriving – Thank you to my editor, Linda Jay, who made the text crisper and easier to understand. A glimpse of my original manuscript would show you the difference she made.

Bala Sankar, author of Web On-the-Go – I wish I had found you much earlier in the project. You did a wonderful job. You add great value to the content.

John Todor, author of Addicted Customers – Linda is a delightful person to work with, one who tackled the tedious and exacting task of copyediting with skill and diligence. Linda, your contribution is highly valued.

Eric Anderson, author, The Keys to the Green: Unlock Your Scoring Potential in the Game of Golf! – Linda was a pleasure to work with. Her rapid responses and crisp insights helped immeasurably to move the project along and improve my book’s marketability.

Author of book for which I wrote the back jacket copy:

Alexander McKinney, author of Keystones — After working with Linda Jay, I now have back cover copy that I am proud of. She wrote a story description that leaps out at you and begs to be read.

"I hate writing. I love having written."
- Dorothy Parker, poet, writer, satirist, caustic wit